Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Thank You!

Thank you for making 2016 yet another remarkable year for The InterServ Foundation! This past June marked a decade of nonprofit service for The Foundation. Our loyal and dedicated staff has done an incredible job at expanding our outreach while strengthening our relationships with donors and volunteers.

Once again, you have helped us to assure funding for InterServ and Community Missions Corporation. This year, we are well on our way to providing $541,000 in support for the people who rely on InterServ and CMC every month, for help with meeting their own basic needs and providing for their families. To date, among the many accomplishments enjoyed by The Foundation are:

• Food Drives in schools, businesses, and churches that have allowed us to put food on the tables of more than 2,800 households;

• Procuring donations that have helped feed nearly 300 seniors more than 33,000 meals in their homes and at our congregate meals sites;

• Grants and contracts that allow more than 200 seniors and persons with disabilities the luxury of aging gracefully in the homes of their own choosing;

• Corporate sponsorships that allowed 800 youths to play in summer basketball and volleyballs leagues that support a youth program that offers recreational activities, mentoring and tutoring for nearly 200 school-aged children and youths;

• Special events and donations that permit early care and educational programming for more than 200 young children, regardless of their ability to pay, setting them up to enjoy success in school and in life;

• Support for volunteers of all ages, in their pursuit of giving back to a community that has been good to them by helping others to live better lives;

• Support to a mid-town campus that provides a home to formerly chronically homeless men and a 3-month winter shelter to those who remain on the streets.

And all of this while in the midst of a multi-million dollar capital campaign to build a new community center! We are truly blessed.

Our goal is to be financially earnest while increasing our impact in the community. You truly make this possible! The InterServ Foundation is stronger than ever due to our continually-expanding list of friends who come together to donate time, resources, and talent in support of our important mission. Our Board is hard at work, building relationships with donors and assuring that the assets of InterServ are working for us.

Thank you for being a part of The InterServ Foundation’s mission of support. We are eternally grateful for everything you do that makes our mission a reality!

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