Tuesday, February 21, 2012


After a busy and somewhat tiring weekend, the Monday morning workday was one that, from the onset, was to be lackluster at best. With a staff meeting and paperwork on my mind and a cup of coffee that just wasn’t doing it, I turned on the computer wondering what else could be pending that I could cram into the first day of the week.
There were about five e-mails that I had received between the time I left the office on Friday evening to the Monday morning reboot. One was from a potential committee member, two were from folks who began following InterServ on Twitter and one was from the InterServ website – www.faithfullyserving.org – and its contact page, which has a general information field that allows those people interested in InterServ to ask questions and get directions from the right departments or programs.
Since InterServ has upgraded the website to include this option, there have been a number of inquiries, mostly about Summer Jam, employment opportunities and work camps, but this one I received on Monday, peeked my interest and put our organization and its various programs in motion.
This was a person who needed help. The information field read “Hello. I am looking for assistance with my rent this month and utility bills. I've never done this before and am not sure where to go. Can you please let me know what I need to do? Thank you so much.”
Within two e-mails and a phone call, InterServ staff made the connection and got the people what they needed for before the day was over. It happened quickly, but sometimes that is exactly what those who are in need of assistance need the most – quick action for some peace of mind. InterServ provided them with the aid they were looking for and, even though they won’t ever know it, they provided me with a great Monday morning pick-up and my own peace of mind.