Thursday, June 6, 2019

The mission of Service and Ministry of InterServ..... 
Provide for the basic needs of people; food, shelter, housing, inclusion, access to health care.

Develop comprehensive services to seniors and those who provide for their care.

Help children & youth be successful in school and in life.

Address unmet community needs through collaboration and innovation

In 2018, InterServ remained committed to the organizational goals above. Through the support of generous donors and committed, dedicated volunteers and staff, we have been able to provide vital services to thousands of people in the community and the greater St. Joseph area.  
A major accomplishment from significant contributions of faithfully serving people helped us to build a new InterServ Community Center – which is a gift for our community for generations to come. We were able to move in to our new facility in July 2018 and the former Wesley Center, built by the United Methodist Women in 1926 and served the community well for over 90 years, received a fitting retirement and was razed last October.
In early 2018, after 20 years of service, I announced my retirement to the board of directors, so they could begin that important work of planning for the transition of leadership of the organization. We know that change is good, a part of our lives, and yet it is important to know the aspects about InterServ that won’t change, which is a commitment to the values in the social teaching of the Gospel - those beliefs and values which persevere over time and remain relevant in all seasons.  They will continue to give meaning, energy and guidance to this mission of service and to the work of staff and volunteers in their role as; the compassionate and willing servant, the advocate for the voiceless and convener of the faithful.  And I remain mindful and grateful to you, for the support, prayers and commitment to this mission throughout my time in leadership of this organization.
Through your support InterServ remains a strong human services organization to address the social challenges of our day which impact families and communities and allows us to help families and communities … so that all may live their lives more fully and more capably.


+ Let us continue to pray for one another

David G. Howery, LCSW
Executive Director

Thursday, April 4, 2019


This voicemail from a Meals on Wheels client was recently received by InterServ during one of our
numerous snow storms this winter.

“I get my meals three times a week and I am just calling, basically, this is supposed to be a very dangerous week regarding this weather. I am concerned about the people getting out in this terrible, terrible weather. I am concerned for their well-being. And I do have some food here. I don’t want them coming out for my sake and endangering their lives.
I guess basically why I am calling is I want you to know that I will be OK if they can’t make it. But, I know that there are some people that just have to have it. Maybe they have nothing at all, not even a cracker and they are going to need their food. But, I am just worried about these guys. I asked my little guy today “Where are your gloves?” Those little hands get cold.
You know they are just really wonderful volunteers. And, I want you to know that I just appreciate this and their efforts.”
Compassion for our fellow human beings exsists on both sides of the delivery bag. Our clients are also compassionate and caring for those who serve them as well.

Monday, September 24, 2018

We are in a new facility

“Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours” Mark 11:24

Dear Friends;
We are now in a new facility, new space - formally named the “InterServ Community Center” at a new address 5400 King Hill Avenue.
With this move comes many changes and many opportunities for us to serve this community. And we remain mindful that this new center is from the dreams and prayers of so many people over the years who have helped this next place become a reality, and home for the next 100 years. It has been that expressed confidence in prayer, as reflected in the Gospel of Mark above, which continues to guide the work of InterServ.
Even with the major changes for us, what remains steady and unchanging is our purpose - creating ways for faithfully serving people to respond to God’s call to serve those in need, especially those with the fewest alternatives in life, “ that all may live more fully, more capably.”
Your involvement in InterServ as volunteer and donor, in actions and prayers, is vital in addressing the social ills of our day, to lessen the impact those conditions have on the human family. In other words you are answer to prayers which will mentor youth in the after-school program; nurture infant and child in early care centers; give care and comfort to isolated homebound seniors; welcome and be voice for the refugee and immigrant families seeking a better life; provide aid and assurance to families facing crisis.
It is through your acts of compassion that we fulfill InterServ’s Vision of being judged by others as “friend to the poor and vulnerable.” Please drop by the new InterServ Community Center for a visit and tour.
On behalf of the board, staff and persons served we thank you for your support that has given us this new foundation of a building and a steadfast mission. Your generous support helps us address the challenges that people face each day.
And because of you as we reflect on our rich history and in contemplating our future, we remain confident in the knowledge that God’s goodness prevails.

+Let us continue to pray for one another


David G. Howery, LCSW
Executive Director

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Annual Report

         In 2016 InterServ completed a monumental and worthy undertaking, raising $5 million in the “Building InterServ” capital campaign with the help of the community and our loyal donors. We recognized this blessed journey with our interfaith gathering this past October when the ground was blessed, building designs were shown, and close to 10-years of planning, fundraising and prayer had been finalized with work to begin construction of a new InterServ Community Center.
And now as witnessed at the corner of King Hill Avenue and Cherokee Street, we are in the initial construction phase of building the 24,000 square-foot community center which will serve this community with vital services that promote the common good.
But this was not the only facility and programming works that were completed in 2016.
As part of our construction plans it was necessary to relocate two programs. InterServ moved the Free Clothing Store to the 8th Street Drop-In Center – 625 8th Street – and we relocated our Southside Early Care and Education program to a renovated home - 125 Illinois Ave - after being housed at the Wesley Center for more than 90 years.
In regard to addressing the crucial need for affordable decent housing for seniors – the renovation of St. Francis Apartments and King Hill Apartments totaling over 160 units of senior housing were completed, making them viable for the next 25-years.  And, King Hill Addition, 24 units located in the south side, will see their improvements completed in 2017.
And while these improvements and new facilities highlight 2016, we continue to celebrate the ongoing success of an organization that InterServ helped form 14 years ago. Community Missions began with the formulation of a cold weather shelter and resulted in the development of permanent supportive housing resources; St. Joseph’s Haven and Juda House. Today, Community Missions has a separate board, viable funding sources and named a new executive director.
Currently, we are seeing increases of persons experiencing the effects of poverty, a growing percentage of aging in the population, disparities in rich and poor, and prejudice and discrimination. InterServ continues to enhance our supportive services to address and counter those impacted by social ills of our day, just as this mission of service has done for over the past 100 years.
Some enhanced programming in 2016 includes after-school meals for our youth program, slight increase of state funds so we are able to provide a greater and more effective response to families in crisis. New programming includes the acquisition of a home care organization, Crossroads Home Care, which we now manage more clients and the work of InterServ staff to accomplish objectives that better addresses the needs of our workforce, remaining cost-effective in the services we provide.
And we are always mindful of our partnerships in this blessed endeavor, support from United Way of Greater St. Joseph, United Methodist Women, Heartland Presbytery, United Church of Christ and many other faith-based and community organizations that also see the need in our community and look to address those needs.
Each year thousands of people are served.  We as staff, board and volunteers remain grateful and mindful of your support that makes this compassionate response to people in need possible. We also know that the future always holds opportunities and challenges. And now with the start of construction we envision opportunities in a complex where faithfully serving people provide leadership, compassion and examples of the servant and advocate to meet the challenges faced. It is the advocate that calls us to be mindful of and guided by the social teaching of the gospel - and the servant always working in the knowledge that God’s goodness prevails.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Changes for the Better

“Perception is everything” – Pete Chapman – former MWSU Director of Athletics.
This was one of many mantras that Mr. Chapman wanted to instill in every part of Western athletics during his tenure as the lead man. He used this saying as motivation to achieve objectives and goals.
However, in some cases perceptions are skewed. Such is the case I came across at St. Joseph’s Haven.
I first caught a glimpse of him at the ripe age of 14 in 1984. I was a freshman hot-shot playing shortstop for my local high school and he was my opposite number, but a seasoned junior instead of a gangly freshman. When it wasn’t my turn at the plate, I watched him play intently. I gathered up as much visual information as I could from someone that was obviously better than I was.
Over the years we played against each other both in high school and summer ball. We also competed after the school years were over in a local softball league. I always thought he was a good athlete and ball player. He never said a whole lot, but also didn’t come across as someone you would not want to get to talk with at any time.
Fast-forward to October 2016. While working an event at St. Joseph’s Haven, I spotted him again. For the first time in 20 years, the guy that I competed against and watched intently from a distance was here. But why?
I turned to Dee Ann Stamper, assistant at the Haven and posed the question. “What’s (name withheld) doing here?“ She replied,“he got approved last week and moved in.” She then informed me that he has memory issues and what doctors feel are the initial symptoms of Alzheimer’s’ Disease. He has been bouncing around from place to place, not remembering where he was, where he worked, and sometimes what time of day it is.
My heart sunk a bit.
I had always heard the saying “life is fragile,” but didn’t really understand that until watching him get in line for food at the Haven. Again, as I did 20 years ago, I found myself watching him, this time from a homeless shelter. I could have walked up to him, slapped him on the back and said “Hello.” But, would he remember me? Would he know that we competed on the same field? Would he even care?
The perception of those with mental illness and or disabilities varies from person to person. Those who work in those fields, such as our caregivers at CMC, know how mental illness and disabilities can affect people and work on a daily basis to provide supportive services for them. But for someone like me, who only knows how it affects me personally, needs an education on mental illness and the disabled and how sometimes it renders them homeless.
To start the learning process, sometimes you need your heart to sink a little bit to really understand. It happened to me.
Brett King

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Thank You!

Thank you for making 2016 yet another remarkable year for The InterServ Foundation! This past June marked a decade of nonprofit service for The Foundation. Our loyal and dedicated staff has done an incredible job at expanding our outreach while strengthening our relationships with donors and volunteers.

Once again, you have helped us to assure funding for InterServ and Community Missions Corporation. This year, we are well on our way to providing $541,000 in support for the people who rely on InterServ and CMC every month, for help with meeting their own basic needs and providing for their families. To date, among the many accomplishments enjoyed by The Foundation are:

• Food Drives in schools, businesses, and churches that have allowed us to put food on the tables of more than 2,800 households;

• Procuring donations that have helped feed nearly 300 seniors more than 33,000 meals in their homes and at our congregate meals sites;

• Grants and contracts that allow more than 200 seniors and persons with disabilities the luxury of aging gracefully in the homes of their own choosing;

• Corporate sponsorships that allowed 800 youths to play in summer basketball and volleyballs leagues that support a youth program that offers recreational activities, mentoring and tutoring for nearly 200 school-aged children and youths;

• Special events and donations that permit early care and educational programming for more than 200 young children, regardless of their ability to pay, setting them up to enjoy success in school and in life;

• Support for volunteers of all ages, in their pursuit of giving back to a community that has been good to them by helping others to live better lives;

• Support to a mid-town campus that provides a home to formerly chronically homeless men and a 3-month winter shelter to those who remain on the streets.

And all of this while in the midst of a multi-million dollar capital campaign to build a new community center! We are truly blessed.

Our goal is to be financially earnest while increasing our impact in the community. You truly make this possible! The InterServ Foundation is stronger than ever due to our continually-expanding list of friends who come together to donate time, resources, and talent in support of our important mission. Our Board is hard at work, building relationships with donors and assuring that the assets of InterServ are working for us.

Thank you for being a part of The InterServ Foundation’s mission of support. We are eternally grateful for everything you do that makes our mission a reality!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

From the Capital Campaign

I am happy to announce the InterServ Capital Campaign has reached 80% of its $5,000,000 goal. This is a significant threshold and the Campaign Committee is very grateful for all the support it has received from the community. The Committee and the InterServ Foundation staff continue to explore and seek out other sources of funding for the new building complex.

In early January, we were elated to learn the campaign had been awarded $250,000 in Neighborhood Assistance Program Tax Credits. Qualifying donors will receive a 50% Missouri Income Tax Credit. In addition, you may be entitled to a charitable contribution deduction on your federal and state tax returns.

A sample of how the Tax Credits work has been included in this newsletter. Anyone interested in the Tax Credits should contact either Bridget Supple, or Brett King, at the Foundation office, as soon as possible, since they are only available as long as they last.

Although we have made great progress in the campaign, we still have a steep road ahead of us in raising another $1,000,000 to achieve our goal. Therefore, we are asking for everyone to please consider a gift to the campaign, or provide us with any prospects. Gifts can be made payable over several years and through various payment options.

InterServ has long served the needs of the community and has been an anchor for the South Side. It is our hope to conclude the campaign by June 30. But, we need your help. If you have not already made a contribution, please consider one. Through your generosity, we will be able to build a better future for the community, as well as strengthening and sustaining our services to the South Side.

Over the last 107 years, InterServ has always been there for us, now is the time for us to be there for InterServ.

Joe K. Houts
Building InterServ Capital Campaign chair