Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Special Edition of SOUPer Bowl Food Drive

Last week, we lost a long-standing supporter. Mr. Fred Noeth was a member of Wyatt Park Christian Church. This church always has a food drive during our SOUPer Bowl food drive promotion in January and February. Mr. Noeth created “Wyatt Park Stadium” and each year he was passionate about promoting this event which supports InterServ’s Calvin Center Food Pantry.

In memory of Mr. Noeth, the church has a special edition of this food drive running through April 22. They have already collected over 700 food items!

We at InterServ are very blessed by this outpouring of love - a special
remembrance for a very special friend of InterServ.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Something Nice for You

People show kindness in many different ways. Such was the case on Wednesday afternoon at the Calvin Center.
Randy Sharp, InterServ Director of Operations, was leaving the Calvin Center and bumped into a community member with gardening on his mind and a tool in hand.

The anonymous “gardener” had taken it upon himself to start trimming the bushes and flowers outside of the Calvin Center after noticing they needed a little maintenance. He was standing in the Calvin Center flower bed with a pair of clippers working when Randy approached him. The gardener turned, took off his gloves, shook Randy’s hand and asked “I hope this is OK? I was driving by and noticed your shrubs could use a little trimming. I was already dirty from working outside today, so I decided to stop and trim these shrubs. Since you do so many good things for so many people here, I just thought I’d do something nice for you.” The gardener didn’t offer his name, so Randy thanked him and went on his way.

InterServ provides many services for a number of different people every day, so when a community member recognizes what InterServ does and goes out of his way to help us, it makes the day brighter and the landscaping look great.