Friday, October 28, 2011

In Appreciation of Our Donors

Yesterday afternoon InterServ celebrated its donors by inviting them to an "open house" reception at one of our supporting churches. We had a nice turnout, giving us the opportunity to get to know our partners in mission a little better.

As I talked with one couple about why they give to InterServ, I learned that they give in appreciation of the work that InterServ does to address the basic needs of seniors in our community. They were particularly impressed with our volunteers who go above and beyond the "call of duty". They had an aunt and a mother who both received Mobile Meals while they were still living. The peace of mind this couple got just knowing that their loved ones were cared for and would receive a hot nutritious meal while they had to be away at work each day has left an impression upon them that continues to move them to support InterServ financially.

Many of the people who attended not only donate financially, but they also give their time and talent to assure that the many jobs get done in a loving and caring fashion.

One donor summed it up this way, "we are put on this earth to serve. InterServ gives us a way we can do this."

Thank you to the many people who work together: staff, volunteers, and donors, to help InterServ accomplish its mission: "through the sharing of God's love, we seek out and assist those in need, so all may live their lives more fully and more capably."

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The perfect gift for the holidays!

As the days grow shorter, we begin to think about the holidays and one of the great stressors of that time of the year: Finding The Perfect Gift for The Person Who Has Everything!

I have several of those in my life--people who go out and buy what they want and need instead of waiting, like good friends and family, until the holidays so that I will have some idea of what to get them. Over the past several years, I have learned just how to handle this.

Most of my friends and family members have some cause for which they work tirelessly or to which they donate regularly. A few years ago, I began to realize that the simplest and best gift that I can give is a donation in honor of someone on my list to an organization that supports a cause dear to that person's heart.

Recognizing what is important to a person tells that person that you care about him or her--enough to notice how they spend their time; enough to support the causes that they support. In this time when so many are in need, your tribute gift will not only warm the heart of a loved one, but also the hearts of those working for the organization to whom the gift was made and ultimately (and in my mind, most importantly) the hearts of those who receive services as a result of your gift. Whether your loved one's cause is people, animals, the environment, or another worthy cause, there is an organization that will welcome your gift.

Most organizations will mail a card to the honoree or make another sort of acknowledgement of your tribute. If you decide to make a tribute gift as a Christmas or holiday gift, be sure to check with the organization to see when their deadline is for assuring that your honoree will receive their notice by the holiday.

InterServ acknowledges tribute/honor and memorial gifts by mailing a card to the person of the donor's choice and by publishing the tribute in our "InTouch" newsletter. For acknowledgements to be printed in the Holiday "InTouch" newsletter, your tribute or memorial gift must be received by October 14. Gifts received after October 14 will appear in the Spring "InTouch" newsletter, however, honorees will still receive an acknowledgement card in time for the holiday if the gift is received at least 5 business days prior to the holiday. You may also make arrangements to pick up a gift acknowledgement card at our InterServ Foundation offices--they make perfect stocking stuffers! Call us for details or to make a gift (816.238.4511, ext. 29).

There are people in the world who touch our lives in remarkable ways. A gift in their honor to a cause they support is a way to touch the life of another person--someone in need--as well as the heart of someone who enriches your life just by being there for you. Make your list today. You will be glad that you did.