Friday, January 27, 2012

SOUPer Bowl is Coming! Are You Ready?

This just in:

Wyatt Park "Stadium" is starting to fill up in advance of the SOUPer Bowl.

I have heard from a few churches that are planning to participate in this year’s SOUPer Bowl Food Drive to benefit InterServ’s Calvin Center Food Pantry. So far I know that Wyatt Park Christian, Huffman Memorial United Methodist and Ashland United Methodist churches are planning to have food drives for us in January and February. Has your church made plans to hold a food drive for InterServ yet? If you have, please let me know so I can add your name to the list and if you need help getting the food to Calvin Center, let me know so we can try to line up some volunteers to help…. Thank you to everyone for all you do all year long to feed hungry people right here in St. Joseph. InterServ appreciates you!!!

Call (816-238-4511 Ext. 29) or E-mail ( me for more information!

The collection continues throughout the month of February.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Meaning of Christmas Tree at the Living Community

For the second straight year the Living Community of St. Joseph put together a fundraiser for the InterServ Mobile Meals Program and Senior Supply Closet. Those entering the lobby of the Living Community immediately saw a Christmas tree called the “Meaning of Christmas Tree”. This tree allowed residents and visitors alike to purchase a number of hanging ornaments off of the tree, including different styles of cross ornaments, for their own Christmas trees. The funds raised through the purchases were then donated to InterServ for the Mobile Meals Program.
This past Christmas the Living Community’s “Meaning of Christmas Tree” raised $1,203 along with a full truckload of other items for the Mobile Meals Program and the Senior Supply Closet at the Calvin Center.
InterServ is thankful to the residents and staff of the Living Community of St. Joseph and their “Meaning of Christmas Tree.” The Living Community and InterServ both were impacted by the true meaning of Christmas this holiday season.